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29 Nov 2008

Finally back!

Omg, I haven't been able to get on my blog for ageessss like.

But I am back on (Y)

I need to get more people to see this really...

but back to the point.

I am a TRANSVESTITE! .. kinda.

But the main point is that I have changed my youtube style to comedian ^^

Please watch my videos by clicking the link below.


18 Nov 2008


OMG it was so amazing! I loved it!

I was so close to Noel Feilding! AHhhhhhh

It was good!

May the honey monster die! (Y)

14 Nov 2008

Ahh! Thank fuck i have a mouse

I didn't have a mouse! I couldn't blog!

But I let it all out in one long vlog, so take a nice long watch here, I'll blog here at some point more, but atm I cba(:

5 Nov 2008

Nanowrimo and anniversary

Today is the fith of november... i have been with my other half for two years today, but I oculdn't see her because of the credit crunch, so I saw the fireworks instead (she is more beautiful)

and I am nearing word 8000 on Nanowrimo, I need to write up!

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