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31 Dec 2008

Last blog of 2008!

Filming video and everything.

Though 2008 and 2009 arn't special.

They are crap years.

bring back the good two oh oh oh!

16 Dec 2008

English Work.

This was written for my informational writting task; so it is meant to be informative.

The scenario was writting for a school paper about what my work expirience was like, so here it goes.

Pack it in.

Hello, my name is Cameron Alexander Williamson, I shall now tell you about my work experience. I worked in the stockroom of Zavvi Entertainment in the Drake Circus Mall in town.

I started work at 10 in the morning and I finnished at 4 in the afternoon; a perfect day. On my first day, my employer showed me around the stockroom and told me the key code for the door (****). After a small meeting, where all the employees discuss sale values of the new Smiths CD being released, I was sent to lable teeshirts by our employer, a Mr.Pete Webb.

Pete Webb: A strange, goblin like man with eyes an odd shade of brown. His shaved head reveals his tight skin that scarcly covers two lumps high on his forehead, that strangely resemble horns. Everyone who looked in Zavvi was strangely satanic, especially Derek, a man with a goaty and hooved feet that he blamed on tumors on both feet. There was only one man that worked there that wasn't an odd shade of crimson, other than myself ; Franko Traceur was a blonde, blue eyed man that seemed to rebel against his demonic overlords.

My only problem was that he spoke very little English, as he was a French man from Brest. Once, when we were prdered by Pete to pack a box full of Legally Blonde 2, our gaze met. 
"Let me help you lift that box," Franko suggested in a whisper, he had a great talent for lifting boxes. I agreed and walked with him to the corridor to put down the boxes, only to lift some more stock from the lorries. I ask Franko what he thinks about our employers, he answers with a simple "They give me good cigarettes, in boxes," He says, smiling at the memory. He pulls out a cigarette with a pentagram imprinted on the skin. 

Franko was converted, this was it, I only had the choice to leave. I swoop into the staff room and pick up my stuff; it's time to run. I sprint towards the door but see Pete and the gang standing in the doorway - including Franko, the traitor.
"Your not going anywhere with your soul," Pete hisses.
"Oh yeah?" I ask, clutching my pocket; thank god it is still there, my mothers cross. I throw the cross right into Pete's face, he bursts into flames.

Moral of the story: Don't work in Zavvi.

14 Dec 2008

That cunt!

Basically, well, yeah.

Middle aged man talking to Beffy poo that way, and threatening to rip my head off.

That won't go without my mum and the gang giving him a visit.

(The gang being her, her vegan friend, our cat, her boyfriend and the entire royal navy)

13 Dec 2008

Bored and waiting..

I'm actually waiting for my mum to come home with pizza, so I decided to do something useful like make a blog about todays epic adventures between me and the goliath known to man simply as Dirmexatees.

But then I saw my psp, so now im going to play burnout.

ttyl x

11 Dec 2008

Close friends.

It's really weird, being unbeleivably good friends with people..

Like my friend Sam and I, we are so close, when people talk to us both, we reply the same thing at exactly the same time.

And earlier we were watching our friend Tom play this game, and he says "I just thought of something," and both Sam and I said "You haven't thought of anything have you?" at exactly the same time.

It's pretty freaky, but well cool (Y)

9 Dec 2008

Sin City

Watched it fopr the first timelast night... Aweesommee!!
It has opened my eyes.

When I have a video camera, I will be doing losts of noir style things, probably with Sam and I's sketch show that shall take place in the new year. 

Look out for Brainal Prolapse.

But anyway, back to the point of Sin City, I has dread the comics before (which are fantabydocious!) And the film is just awesome, it is so much like the comic book it is scary.

It is a definate love! (Y)

5 Dec 2008

Locked out of my own house.

I had to break in.

I was cold.

And ouchy from the blistering wind.

In now though:)

Went to sleeps :)

1 Dec 2008

1st December.

Ugh, it's winter. - see how I feel by watching this video. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=zwyUj0P0Mx0

Just read Johnny Durhams survey blog thing... makes me miss myspace slightly.

Ima gonna send him a pretty drawing :)

So yeah, boring cold day D:

Just filmed a video and that should be up on youtube soonn :)

Vampiricana's Youtube


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