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30 Apr 2009


Yay memes! I love memes. Below, I typed the answer to the questions into google images and showed the first image, so umm. Yes. Btw, 9 was abnormal, not vaginal or anything like that.

1. What is your name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What is your hometown?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What is your favorite movie?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What is one word to describe yourself?
10. How are you feeling right now?
11. What do you love most in the world?
12. What do you want to be when you grow up?

29 Apr 2009

Anarchist poems

My friend brought in Rise Against's new album today (bloody amazing) and it reminded me of the inner anarchist inside of me - then Ben gave me a little speech on they aren't anarchists, they are modern day heroes. I wouldn't go that far, but it gave me inspiration. There is also a quote in the album cover, which I can't remember, but it was to do with... okay I can't explain it so I'll just find it, copy and paste it. . .

                                          . . . okay I cant find it anywhere, but it was a good quote.

Anyway, it got me thinking and blah blah blah long story short, I wrote this poem about chickens.

My family, close until death, 
Which is not for long, 
I never felt the heat of their breath, 
Or even their morning song,
I doubt my father is alive,
I know my mother is dead,
I do not know how we survive,
When all I see is red,

We are huddled, drowning in heat,
My hunger overpowers me,
I wish sweat dripped down my feathered meat,
But now I’ll die painfully, 
Our fatty foods are always on supply, 
But I cannot reach it,
I try and flutter my wings and cry,
Whilst my broken legs lie in shit,

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,
A wing for a wing, 
A foot for a foot,
I feel my sanity fly away,
I feel jealous of my mind,
I don’t know why I am this way,
I feel my leg bones grind,

Men start to come in, taking us away,
Beating us with sticks,
But my mind goes astray,
I no longer hear our clicks,
Clicks of my family around me,
I think I’ll die before the men come,
But I doubt I want to see,
What those nasty men have done,

Now every seed I’ve eaten, every egg I have laid,
My life means nothing compared to what these men get paid. 

27 Apr 2009

Cutest vegetarian?

No. No I am not. But I entered it anyway. 

Even though the title is cutest vegetarian; not much of this is about that competition.

I don't actually have much to say at alllsss... 
Hopefully, I can start filming bits for my sketch collab soon :D. I just need that special skype call with Haley to start it all off.

I went to the dentist and the receptionist is one of those people that gives you too much un-needed information.

"Cameron Williamson"
"Do you know who you are with?"
"Wilkinson...Wilkinson... What was your last name?"
"First name?"
"You are with Dr.(Something southern asian) and you are three floors up, at the back of the building, the small waiting room with only four chairs on floor three room three,"

All I needed was floor three, there is only one waiting room there and the guy that calls my name is the one i see. I was suprised she didn't go:
"The one with pale baige wall paper, there are childrens toys, one of the door frames is slightly chipped, there is a stash of porno under the gaming magazines, the dude there might offer you some,"

He did.

26 Apr 2009


Last Thursday was my birthday, but more importantly - today is Kemba's birthday. She told me to vlog about her birthday but I don't have much to talk about and I am really putting a lot of effort into my next video - so I have told myself no little vlogs until I get this beasty collab sketch out of the way.Look what I made Kemba for her birthday though, (she is in love with spider-man)

So.. yah. I went in town today and bought a new teeshirt, I wanted to buy lots of teeshirts and a hat but my debit card is cracked and when I used it 
in topman earlier it got stuck in the doohicky, so I will get a new debit card tomorrow and then buy more stuff :D

So... ummm, that's it really. I should blog more often - I should blog more and vlog less, I need to recover from the very small section of VEDA I completed.

21 Apr 2009


I am writting this because I a terribly bored, waiting for my Five Camera Angles video to upload. I'm feeling illegal uploading it, as it is a music video to Shake It by Metro Station - no permission used of course. They video will get taken down in no time. But hey, it was fun. 

I have failed VEDA, well I will in six minutes. I have had too much to do today, and with all of my revision coming up, I doubt I would be able to carry on. 

In other, disrelated news, I have a new banner 
made by my finnish friend :)
Isn't she sweet? 

18 Apr 2009

Fucking Poser!

Holy shit I am pissed!! 

Somebody has posed as me on Omegle - Which has really ticked me off - even if I do not show it in my newest video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw1AOXyaUvE .

But this has made one fat ass hater! He/she (they are a hater, they don't leave details) is convinced it was me on Omegle and thinks I am the one who won't shut up about myself! FUCK SAKE!!

Now they are going on ALL of my video's just like "Your a pile of shit" which is expected from haters anyway - it is their job. But this one is writting me emails (well wrote me emails, I blocked him but he said how he will make multipul accounts >:@ ) and is rating down my videos, and is telling others to do the same. 

And youtube won't let me do shit about it, I clicked on their 'abuse' thing and it is like "block them"

Yeah. Great help. I would like you to actually do something about it! I want to personally write an email to youtube but the only contact information it leaves is their adress in CA. DX< 


11 Apr 2009

Dreams part one.

I might have already written something about dreams ... but ceebs to go check.

I was lying in bed at seven o'clock whilst - as I quote from my skype conversation with Haley - '[07:02:21] : golden sunlight illuminates my room through my dew soaked windows'

I had a very odd dream that included a youtuber last night (the only time I slept properly instead of writhing around having flashes of youtube ideas - my equivalent of bad sleep, it is rare but I get no energy at all... and then I forget the ideas anyway when I am fully conscious!)

The dream I had the night before included two youtubers but that one is a bit personal to me at the moment and if you can analyse dreams you will be like "Go sort yourself out bruv!" so I will just say the parts that I a) remember b) accept for you to read.

Last nights dream: I can't remember how it starts, but it was about 11 in the evening and I was talking to my Finnish friend on msn and she was like "Come to Finland," so I'm like "Okay," ; I get my phone and wallet, and walk out of the house. Dawn starts to rise as I catch the bus that goes to my school (I wasn't going to school, it just happened to be the same bus) I got off at the airport - not to catch a plain though. I start walking, at first in the same direction as my school bus towards my school, but then I ended up on moorland. While I was happily walking through sunrise, I bump into my Dad and Grandad at dartmoor diner. Obviously they were confused to where I was going, so I told them - only when I told them did I realise how much of a crazy idea it is walking from where I live to Finland, so I start cussing and shouting, getting angry saying how I won't get to her house in time. I can't remember what happens but my dad talks to me for a bit, and then I start to walk back, I'm guessing he convinces me to go home. 

On my way back I see a man in a purple car parked on some grass (still on the moorland) I walk over and it is Blade376 from youtube, and his car and somebody elses car had crashed - he was not impressed with the other person. He gets out of his car and starts shouting at the people inside, I begin to walk towards him and he begins to be on nicer terms with the people saying things like "Well I would in your situation," I stand next to Myles and look in the car, there are 4 full grown men, one of them is quite small but still an adult. The driver says they brought him because he looks like a child and the police wouldn't stop the speeding, I still don't know why they were speeding in the first place. Then Myles and I - even though he has never met me in his life and probably doesn' know who I am - got in this speeders car and started talking to the driver as he drove around a junction for a while. He turn the corner that Myles's car was closest to and Myles starts to scream, the driver laughs jokingly and Myles explains himself - also in a joking manner. 

"The last time I was in a car, turning this corner, I was in a car crash and I was sent back to the seventees!" Clearly reffering to the t.v show 'life on mars' Then some other stuff happened and Myles and I both got in his purple car and drove towards cows very quickly, watching them run away - then it got weirder and weirder until it just became flashes of images from bad sleep again.

The other dream : I can't remember how this one starts either, but I walk out of school and near my school there is a bit of grass - on the grass I see two figures I recognise. I walk over to see Nerimon and Charlieissocoollike ; I was blatently over the moon. I walk over and say hi, Charlie was very kind, he gave me his autograph and smiled a mighty grin, Alex just looked away as if to think  "Oh god, another nerdfighter," When I walked away from them to catch the bus, I gave out a big "BEDOODOODOO!" But Alex just turned his head in disgust. When I got on the bus (to go into town, not home) I try and use a two pound coin (even though I have a special bus pass anyway) The bus driver wouldn't let me use it because I couldn't prove I was a child, even though I was in uniform - so I eventually gave in and used my bus pass; after I used my bus pass I realise that even though I got on the bus to go into town, it was going home - which was irritating, but I just thought I could catch the bus from home. Thats all I remember and would wish to share.

Thank you for reading ^^

10 Apr 2009


I know I didn't bother doing BEDA (blog every day april) but I have blogged the past two days and this will be my third blog in a row.

I don't actually have anything in particular to blog about though ... I just feel like blogging.



*pops his lips like a four year old*

Ooh ooh ooh! Tomorrow I am going out with friends for the first time in farrr to long XD XD XD

Yay friends. I thought I had lost them all. 

On a slightly different note - I am currently addicted to Not an Angel by City Sleeps. It keeps me going all of the way through; it is one of the only songs where the verse grabs me just as much as the chorus, and the intro, and the outro, and the bridge. It is amazing, I love it all - especially the guys voice. 

There we go, I think that is enough of a blog for me ^^

9 Apr 2009

Foreign conversations/languages.

I love talking to people from abroad. I talk to a lot of americans a lot of the time - and I have made other friends from other countries such as Finland. 

Unfortunately - the only language I am strong enough to talk in is English, although I could probably learn another language VERY easily if I moved to another country. I can't really learn another language at the moment because of exams and whatnot going on at the moment, but after everything is done, I would like to become fluent in a language. Not take classes though, I don't think I learn very well that way; I have my own way of learning it. 

It is quite funny talking to people who talk a different native tongue, because their sentences often don't make sense, and then I'mlike 'what?' and they are like 'what?' and it becomes an avalanche from there.

Just thought I'd add a little blog about that because my Finnish friend was like 'we go now somewhere ;o heippa' which confused me slightly.

I wasn't sure if she was leaving or... well I couldn't think of any other possibilities but I didn't want to automatically assume she was leaving. Turns out 'heippa,' was one way of saying goodbye in Finnish she didn't tell me so she was actually leaving, but little sentences like that make me chuckle.

I should post more pointless blogs like this, get me in the hang of it again :)

Good bye / Au revoir / Sayonara / Moikka

8 Apr 2009

Blog every day april? Well that was a fail, vlog every day april will be a fail too if my video doesn't upload soon D: D:

This is going to be my atempt of a blog as I haven't blogged in a longg timee.

Tonight was a fail, we were going to see the haunting of conneticut or whatever is it called, but only two of us had ID, so we couldn't go in, which is irritating. Well actually that was the only fail involved, we decided to play pool and whatnot instead to pass the time. 

Well, this blog is a fail too. *fail fail fail*

Nooothing to talk abouuutttt. Ahhh.



you got blown up.

I need to sort myself out, I think VEDA has sucked the creativity right out of me; it will take me months for me to get back to normal. 

1 Apr 2009


I'm already making a vlog every day - so can I make a blog every day in april too?


Not likely, but possibly.

This is a failed blog in itself - so probably not.

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