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30 Sep 2008

Just another boring day that I can make an adventure...

Okay, this story of my day if I tell it like it is an amazing epic adventure...

so........ here it goes....

After waking up from the dark and depressing nightmare I had last night about Chav's, mazes, all nighters and being abused by my Mother (doesn't happen okay?) I throw on my school uniform and make honey on toast for breakfast. Walking to the busstop, I get attacked by harpies that try to steal all of my food, thankfully I killed two and one comited suicide because it cannot live on without her sisters*. On the bus, I had to stand up, which is unfortunate when your bus driver is a petrol head and the bus is actually Satans spawn bus**.

In school, my best friend wasn't in because he found rasputines body and clears the water from his lungs, causing him to live several other days***. At school we discussed what we shall do on saturday night for a friends birthday; we shall slay the dragon of Drake, that survives purely on pure souls and beautiful women****.

After school, I was kept in a torture chamber, strung to the corners of the room by my limbs whilst being branded in the back with a boiling fife*****. Then I got on another mechanism of hell to get home whilst I was on the phone with my girlfriend discussing how a nose ring would look on me. When I hang up, I have a flash back to my music lesson when I was simply playing the grand piano ****** and a story was writting itself in my head.

The story that unfolded in my mind was that of a romance, the story set in the 19th century about a musical composer that lives in a massive manor, whilst a femal author moves in for inspiration for her story. He despises the use of words to explain ones feelings, and she doesn't understand the use of music to explain ones feelings. When she finds him on his piano playing the weirdest music ever, he simply says he was 'writting a story with the music,'. She gets inspired and asks him more about music and he shows her, but despises her presence... until he realises that he enjoys her company. He then writes a love song for her, of course with no lyrics, mainly using the E chord because she notes that 'E is the only note that has a letter of love,'. When he explains her song, the romance grows and they deeply fall in love with eachother, but unfortunately, she has to leave; her husband is waiting. After a while, the pianist finds her house and explains to her husband that he is her piano teacher. The facade worked for a while, but when her husband caught on why they were so close, he finds the pianist tuning the authors new piano, and stabs him in the back, then walking away, leaving his knife in the pianists back. With the pianists last bit of strength, he pulls the knife out, and cuts every string for every note, other than E.

Wasn't that amazing? Now I'm bored and have cheesey pasta on my trousers. Though it looks nothing like cheesey pasta...

* Lies and greek mythology referances.
**it wasn't really that bad.
*** Evil russian monk cameo, sorry.
**** we are just doing an all nighter really. I hope my mum doesn't find this.
***** I was just in a detention... and a Fife is like a Spork but diferent, like.
****** I was just playing keyboard really.

29 Sep 2008

Back stabbers...

Hey guys,

Today was fantabydocious.... apart from :
(1) when I rang my girlfriend and she didn't pick up.
(2) Sam made me watch a youtube video of people dying / breaking some sort of needed bone.
(3) When Beth, my girlfriend, rang me and broke up with me...

Only joking, but the phone call was serious.

Basicly... welll.... loik... (Like but more Janner) ......... Three of her 'friends,' basicly told everyone not to talk to her and her sister and shizmo la jizmo.

As you can tell, pleased I was not.
I recon it is because one of the three dislike Amie's (Girlfriends Natrual Clone) new beau, and another one is jealous, and the last has nobody left so she is just following the other two...

Ahhh rant time!
They need lives!


I'm so crap at ranting, my way of dealing with things is to force them out of my head by doing my usual busniess and ignoring it. It works! Unfortunatly my girlfriend doesn't have that super power so she brings me back down to the deathly depths of her soul.

So yes, today is bad, loik, (RETURN OF THE LOIK!!)


So this is when I stop typing and leave your eyes alone, even though if you didn't want to read this then you could have stopped... meh, blog later!!

Chow!! (I am not saying caio, I am telling people to eat because anorexia is taking over! Unless your a bit on the morbidly obese side of the bed, the chow slightly less man, kids are starving in other countries)

28 Sep 2008

Posting everyday? Oh and nightmare

Well, that failed.

But I will post as much as possible!

I will try and post a new and interesting video on youtube asap, but when I tired today my girlfriend made me delete it because it was crap and had one of her favourite songs in (she won't allow anything that she enjoys to be in the same thing she despises, and she despises everything I do)

So yush, interesting stuff that you want to read...

Last night I had a f*cking weird ass dream! I dreamt that... okay...

Let me hink how I can phrase this.

Okay, well this may confuse you but you can just read it over and over until it makes sense....

In my dream, I broke into a pod liver oil factory with my best friend Sam (acording to my dream, pod liver oil is an extremely alchoholic drink that tastes of blueberries). We drank lots and filmed some freerunning inside the factory. The next day I walk into school and everyone is like "Do you know what happened? I'm so sorry!" and I'm like wtf? But then somebody tells me that Sam actually died that night when I left him.

Then I woke up in histerics, crying everywhere, but glad it was just a dream. I go to school and there is an assembly, my head of year was like "I'm sorry," to me and im like why? and she is like "Sam is dead," (for all of you lost, this is still the dream)
Sam has an assebly held for him because he aparently had a car accident and he died. Everyone tries to cheer me up but I am completely silent, then their family ask me about the funeral arrangements. I ask for him to have a coffin placed in the middle of the factory that produces his favourite drink; pod liver oil.

Then is coffin was just in the middle of the factory, I was really sad. All of my friends were sad either because Sam died or because I wasn't talking to anyone.

So yeah, all in all, lets hope he doesn't die, or I'll be one quiet son of a bitch!

24 Sep 2008

Blog three, its the magic number

But today wass really boring.

Nothing happened, at all...

Apart from my girlfriend was sad :(

But you don't care about that.

So I shall go into creative mode and write a great adventure about a...


And the....

Skull of ...

... Piano Keys.

A captain, captain Denzel Washington (?) to be excact, stood high on the front of his wooden ship.
"We be reachin' the island of Haribo soon, Cap'in,"
"Argh, I can see!" The captain calls back, angered by his ignorence, but then he realises that the member of his crew that cried out to him was Ol' No Eyes Mac Trough, and was suddenly confused on how he knew that the island was approaching.

The wood of the ship dug into the sand that the multi-coloured Island is embedded upon, the captain breathed in the smell of the sea, and then choked violently as he remembers that he hates the smell of salt, thats why he wanted to be on land.
"Land Ahoy!" Spack Jarrow cries as the ships anchor is set in deeply.
"No licorice, Spack," Long term Memory Loss laughs at Spack's stupidity.

"Aye, cap'in," Ol' No Eyes Mac Trough calls.
"Aye what? Ol' No Eyes?" The captin cocks his head, scratching at his bushy grey beard.
"I found one! I can see!" He cries back to the captin.
"No! You fool! You spelt eye wrong!" Captain Washington spits.
"Argh, I be sorry,"

"Yar," The whole crew joins together in harmony, as if singing to Ol' No Ears Mac Ha-ha.

The writer then forgot why he was writing a story and scrolls up the find out what it is about. Ah, skull of piano keys, of course!

"Yar! Cap'in! There be ARGH ME FREAKIN AYE! YE POKED IT OUT WITH A RUSTY TROWL!" No Eyes Max Trough screams.
"No Eyes! You spelt it wrong again!" The captine calls back as he notices that his head was made of piano keys.

The End.

Or is it?

And then he got killed for musical perposes.

Now it's the end.

23 Sep 2008

Second Blog

Today was lame.

The end...


Nahh, it was the normal kind of day you have when you wait at a bus stop for school and an old woman stares at you from behind her curtain, and when someone is on the bus with a bulbous of a colsore.


Pictures were taken today at school, that was lame..


I played pokemon at lunch against Furby (A cool dude at my school, like).


Then I posted a video about pokemon because Sam came over.

Oh Oh Oh Oh!! There was a crying child outside the busstop to school running to his mum crying about something... I think the father was an antalope because no human runs like he ran.

22 Sep 2008

First Blog...

Hello, the world of bloggers.

Blogging is such a funny word, hehehe.




Much Lol.

But yes! I shall stray from the subject no further!

As this is my first blog, I cannot stray too much...
but I shall be posting a blog about my day, every day possible, FOR 783 YEARS!!! Or less... not sure.

If you enjoy my blogs, please watch me on thy fabolous youtube, I shall post a linky in a secmo.

But today... was lame, nothing to talk about, I would be creative usually and explain about vast adventures through the ruins of my school, but I used up my creativity on this video...


So yes, please talk to me and whatever, tomorrow shall be a blog about photo's at my school D:

So yes, tata

Vampiricana's Youtube


People That Read Scribbles.