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24 Dec 2009

I doubt anybody even reads this...

But I shall continue to write anyway.

I have been neglecting this blog, to be honest I have had many other things on my mind (Sixth form)

I seriously dislike school at the moment. I took lessons I enjoyed and school has sucked the fun right out of them, way to go and make me have second thaughts on my life.

The only thing I still am truly 100% in love with is comedy - but lets face it, I'm hardly going to be a comedian. I'll try, for sure, but will I make it?

Anyway.. I bore you no more (if anybody was reading this anyway)
Look at these pretty pictures I took :) [Yes, I still use art to relax - even if it isn't as fun as it used to be, thanks to the educational system I belong to]

And my personal favourite...

21 Sep 2009

Nigerians hate district 9

First, a small apology to those that watch my youtube videos. I'm sorry I haven't made one in a while. Done.
Second, a small apology to those that read my blog. I'm sorry I haven't written one in a while. Done.

Now to the intersting part.

A few weeks back, I watched the film 'District 9' while I enjoyed very much. It almost has a a feeling of political satire (in my mind) about racism etc. The racism in this film (in my mind) but apparently, it is racist towards Nigerians (in the Nigerian governments mind).

I agree, there is a gang which is a bit sick with a weird leader and prostitutes that screw aliens - but it's not saying every Nigerian is doing this - just this illegal gang. The film isn't calling everyone a scum, it shows the gangs as being bad and everywhere in the world has a bad gang with a bad reputation. Jeez. It's silly.

They also think that the Nigerians are shown as hateful in the film - hateful towards the aliens? If so, then that's silly, because everyone acts hatefully in the film towards the alien (Apart from a small protest group which I don't doubt aren't Nigerian)

Deary me.

I will upload a video tomorrow from my webcam as my camera won't turn on :/ night. x

5 Sep 2009

Cowgirl. (a poem, by me)

I had a friend,
Her name was Sally.
All problems she would mend,
Without a ‘warry’,
They were never mechanical,
But mainly emotional,
And sometimes Botanical ;
She sounded a cockney girl,
Though born in devon,
She thought she’d give rhymes a whirl,
Before she reached heaven -
She got two things from watching Eastenders,
Not just the accent of hers,
I doubt the soap makes many love makers,
But she turns a roar to a purr.

How I miss my good friend Sally,
She told me good stories about her barn,
Cow girl was my good friend Sally,
Her nick name that rose from the farm;
She told me though of the large family she had,
In such a confined space,
She never even saw of her dad,
He was the landlords taste.
We swiftly changed the topic of speech,
She often had problems at barn,
We’d laugh with the pigs that oink and screech,
We pray the landlord don’t harm -
We gossiped and gossiped,
I always had news to tell,
She said ‘Please do stop it,’
As she heard sounds of a bell;

She always dreamed of getting married,
Not in a church - of course,
In her dreams that she’d be carried,
Where the brides maid was a horse,
She’d apologise after
For letting me astray,
Fields filled with laughter,
We spend time this way.
She dreamed of getting with characters on the television,
Though her friends thought she was sick,
We always shared secrets and had fun,
Though we feared the length left on times wick.
I used to laugh at the great things she said,
And how she will marry Elvis,
I never reminded her that he’s dead,

For I dare not spoil the flow.
Just like her land lord did one night.
Sally was old and was no use to him,
He decided one cold night,
Her produce was sour and her body too slim,
Some drugs will make her right.
He is a sick and twisted man,
I miss my best friend so,
I think good memories whenever I can,
But they always seem to go. I miss my cow girl.

- by Cameron Williamson.
I apologise for not updating this blog more often. D:

2 Aug 2009

Lol comment

dude you are such a prick you make videos dissin N-DUBZ blood i wot r u finkin. all i can say to you is blood NA NA NAIIIIII. BITCH AND WOT !!

I'm not even going to bother replying to that comment... *laughs at its insanity*

29 Jul 2009

Lame surveys

I am sat here so bored listening to D&B music.. that I have decided to do two myspace survey - on here of course, myspace is only for cool kids with over a thousand friends.. oh wait..

Survey one

What kind of car do you drive?
My legs

Have you ever had a garage sale?

What color is your iPod?

What kind of dog do you have?

What's for dinner tonight?
Veggie burgers.. num num :)

What is the last drink you drank?
Apple juice

Last time you were sick?
Ages ago

How long is your hair?
I have never measured it

Are you happy right now?
Yeah :)

What is in your pocket?
My key

What DVD is in your DVD player?

What do you think of when you hear the word "meow"?
A small kitten

What are you listening to right now?
John B - Stalking you on myspace

What have you had to drink so far today?
Apple juice

When is your birthday?
April 16th

What's the area code for your cell phone?
area code? Cell phone?

Where did you buy the shirt you're wearing now?

Is there anything hanging from your rear view mirror?
I would be suprised if there was

What are you going to do after this?
Do the quiz below

What is something you need to go shopping for?

What is your favorite kind of gum?

Do you have any tan lines?
It's faded... but yes

Do you remember the name of your kindergarten teacher?

Has anyone ever given you roses?
No :(

If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?

What is your favorite color?
Mostly pink, but it depends on what colour is with it

What color are your eyes?

What is a compliment you receive way too often?
You're ugly

How tall are you?
This tall

Do you like your parents?

Who was the last person you said you loved on the phone?

Where is the furthest place you've traveled?

Which do you prefer, to eat or sleep?
Hmm.. that's a toughie

How long does it take you to shower?
The showering doesn't take as long as finding a shower

Can you use the grill?

Are you flexible?
No I have plans all week

What movie do you want to see?
Tron Legacy

What is the last letter of your middle name?


Survey two

1.) Who were your last 5 texts from?
My mum, Kemba and Alice

2.) Where was your default pic taken?
Myspace = lift in Dingles

3.) What's your middle name?

4.) You currently hate someone?

5.) Do you have a crush and do they like you back?
I have a squeeze

6.) What is your current mood?

7.) What is your mums name?
Purple Jo

8.) What colour shirt are you wearing?

9.) Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

10.) If you could go back in time and change something, would you?
No, that's a paradox

11.) When was the last time you saw your dad?
A couple of weeks ago

12.) Ever had a near death experience?

14.) Are you mad at someone?

15.) Do you wanna see somebody right now?

16.) Do you like drama?

17.) When was the last time you cried?
The other day .. that sounds emo. Not as emo as "I'm always crying on the inside"

18.) Who would you do anything for?

19.) Who is your hero?
Eric Draven

21.) What's your biggest secret?
Unknown to the world.

22.) Where is the person you last kissed?
Over her friends

23.) Why were you last mad?
Because of someone

25.) What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
Your soul

26.) Whats your favorite smell(s)?

27.) Describe your life?

28.) Have you ever danced in the rain?

29.) What are you thinking about right now?
This quiz

30.) What should you be doing right now?
This quiz

32.) Did you realize there is no question number 31?
No, I didn't realise there were numbers at all.

33.) What are you listening to?

34.) Who was the last person you told i love you?

35.) Who was the last person you yelled at ?
I don't know

36.) Do you act differently around the person you like?

37. what is your natural hair colour?

38.) Who was the last person to make you laugh?

40.) Do you love someone?

18 Jul 2009

weird dream thing

Okay okay, my photo every day thing failed. Big whoop.

Basically.. I haven't written a blog in a while and I had a weird dream last night. There was like a gathering type thing held on a field near my school (except it wasn't my school - it was some scientific research centre) and there were lots of people there. I talked to internet friends such as Pirki (who is from Finland) and Blair and Emma from FiveCameraAngles. I asked where Haley and Matt were, they said Haley was busy and they hadn't heard from Matt in ages (it's a sign Matt, make more 5CA videos)

But then everyone who goes to my school had to do this test thing in the school/science lab and everyone else had to watch. I can't remember much bu there was something to do with a toilet. Then we were told to get changed into our prom outfit to get ready for prom (even though my school's prom was ages ago and I didn't go)

Then for some reason we were in big overall suits and we were going to be sent into an experiment to try and keep it running like it is meant to be. There was a forrest with elks and tortoises ... but they were eating eachother because there was a beasty evil thing that ate everything and polluted these (talking) animals minds so they had to eat meat. Then the evil beasty thing turned out to be a giant verson of the child thing in Torchwood. Then Pirki came in and saved us.

The main part of the dream was talking to all of my online friends but I can't remember what we talked about.

9 Jul 2009

5 Jul 2009

Photo every day?

I am sooo tireddd..

I had this idea earlier.. which was inspired by a dream I had last night. Well in the dream (they main part of the dream is parkour and mermaids, but that's irrelevant) I wa in a book shop and saw a book on photography, where lots of people took one photo every day of the year and sent them into this book. I don't know if such a book exists, but I am going to try and take and upload a photo everyday. Sometimes it will be crap, sometimes it will be amazing and edited (I am going to try and buy photoshop at some point. So starting from today probably (whatever the date is.. its about one in the morning so technically I will upload it later today) I will upload a photo for ever day this year. I will upload it on this and my flickr account. The photo will obviously mean something to the day and not be some irreleavent thing, but you know, it will have a story behind it, like photojournalism of my life for a year.

Just thought I'd whack out my thoughts, you know. Tell you whats hanging.

25 Jun 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson.

I am writing this now while everything on the Internet has stopped and is dedicated to Michael Jackson. Many rumours popped up about Jackson being dead/ being in a coma/ died and then was in a coma.

I think it has been approved enough that he is, sadly, officially dead. I will write more tomorrow when everything has been properly confirmed, but right now, I'll say this.

Michael Jackson is a great man of our era, and will be remembered for a long time. He inspired people, many great people, to do great things. Even if you didn't like him, you knew who he was. I wasn't particularly a huge Jackson fan, but I admire his music a lot. If somebody sat me down and forced me to listen to his music, I wouldn't complain, because it is genuinely good music.

Michael Jackson will be remembered for centuries, he will be our Mozart or Beethoven, he will be as well known as Cesar and king author (Except the Jackson stories will be real of course)

I only pray for his children and that Jackson's wish of his children living normal lives is appreciated by the media.

Rest in Peace.

24 Jun 2009


There is a lot of discussion around at the moment about this whole Perez Hilton, Will.I.Am situation - and I am going to join it.

I will start this by saying I am not a huge fan of either Perez or Will.I.Am, I find Perez a bit whiney.. sure I follow him on twitter and I admire what he does but I don't go on his website every day to check it - and with Will.I.Am, I don't really like Black Eyed Pea's music, it's just not my taste, but I admit I like 'Boom Boom Pow' and he seems like quite a cool character.

But when I heard all of this started off, I ignored it. I thought I knew the whole story, that Will.I.Am hit Perez like everyone is saying.. it turns out that's not the story at all. I h
ave watched the videos that Will.I.Am and Perez Hilton have made to talk about these events trying to pick together the whole story. From what I have got, Fergie was offended by what Perez had said, which is very understandable, I am sorry but he was a bitch to her, then Perez is like "Hey I was just being honest but now the song's growing on me"... but, I'm sorry if I missed it, he didn't say sorry for calling her 'fugly'. Now obviously Fergie would be upset and tell Will.I.Am, and I would of done the same thing and ask Perez what's going on; Will.I.Am and Perez Hilton tell different sides of this - Will.I.Am says it although he was relaxed, but Perez Hilton says it as if Will.I.Am was attacking him. Either way, it's understandable.

Perez then tries to make up for it, and then calls him a gay faggot... which seems like an odd insult for Perez to use. Then Perez leaves with Lady Gaga (of whom I admire more than everyone else in the story.. which is why I am adding her in) and then.. according to Perez, Will.I.Am was suddenly there, as if he had the same powers as the mutant he played in the Wolverine film and teleported out before him.

And then this is where the story gets interesting and Perez gets hit by someone that Perez
claims was Black Eyed Peas' manager... even though he also claims he was hit from behind.. so how could he know it was his manager? Unless of course Lady Gaga, one of her body guards or someone else later told him.

Now, I admit violence isn't a good way to resolve things, it doesn't matter if he was hit by Will.I.Am's manager or a fan like Will.I.Am says. I think Perez, no offence to the man, should sort himself out though - I was hit in the mouth yesterday for no reason at all and I left it, if anything I got more annoyed with explaining to many people why I had a bleeding lip. Perez was hit for a reason, he had offended people, yet he is all 'ahh I got hit'. Violence probably wasn't the right thing to do, but I still understand why it happened.

And then Perez was like all 'Ahhh they are following us!' when the Black Eyed Peas were staying in the same hotel... surely it was just a coincidence? If they were staying somewhere else I would understand.. but they weren't. I doubt they would change hotel plans just to make Perez sleep better.

Like I said at the begining, I am not taking any sides, and I respect both Will.I.Am and Perez Hilton ... they were both in the wrong.. but maybe more so Perez, simply for saying bad things. Its Karma.

9 Jun 2009

Dreeeeaam, dream dream dream dream dreeeaaaam

I cant remember a lot of this dream...
but I remember this much :

I was in my house and Haley (from FiveCameraAngles) knocked on my front door, obviously I was shocked and happy to see a bunch of youtubers outside my house. There was Haley, Blair, Emma and Matt (yes the 5ca crewage) but there were lots of other I have never seen. I then had a flashback to a festival where I was with Haley and Emma and we were filming a youtube video together (so I had met Haley and Emma already in the dream :S)

Then back to now, I was hanging around with this group of youtubers from over the seas and we went to this bus stop near my house to just chill. Everyone goes off for a while to explore where I live except Adam, Emma and I. (Emma is on 5ca, along with everyone else I have named so far except Adam, he goes to my school - he is the one in my last day of school video on youtube with a car in the photo montage)

So yeah, us three were just chatting and this this other girl I think I made up came over and started talking to us, she was like "I haven't any of any of your videos," directed to the three of us, Adam was like "Me? Ohhh no, I don't make youtube videos," In his unbelievably deep, Tay Zonday-esk voice. Then we exchange youtube channels with this new girl and everyone comes back from exploring. I ask Haley why they are here - she says they are on some trip or something and are staying in Tavistock (a small town about 20 miles away) and she knew I lived near by so she called for me. I ask if I want to show them where the bus stop is if they want to go back to where they are staying (even though they would of known anyway if they got here)

Adam then says he needs to go to the George anyway (which is a diner right next to the bus stop to Tavistock) so we all walk up there, and then Haley and Blair go into a shop for something and come out with bags full of strawberry laces.

Then I woke up. It was weird.

4 Jun 2009


I did a review for 'Drag me to Hell' Which I personally disliked but many others loved. Putting the personal views of the film aside - My review has gotten more feedback than my other videos, quicker. And it is all positive so far. 

So I was thinking, whilst eating honey on toast for breakfast before school, I should do more. Well I actually thought about it last night but I'm eating now while I type so it works. The next time I go to the cinema, I shall jot down notes and do a review about it :)

alsoo.... english exam later D: LOSE!
anddd it's not as sunny today :A

29 May 2009

OMG Camera! And Camping!

Okay - I went camping and it was fun and everything, but I am super hyped about this old camera I forgot I had. So... I shall sum up camping in one word sentences.
Paula (Paula isn't a person)

Okay... now for camera sex time.

Oohh god I am so tired...

Yeah.. It is a 'RICOH KR-10x' apparently... but it is beautiful. 

 I felt like a true man as I spent ages working out how to do things without any instructions. It took me a while, but I worke
d out how to do things like change over the lenses (which would embarrass old school camera users, but I am used to the relyable - but pixilated - digital.

Ohhh yeah, I just wanted to say how good i felt taking this apart, and then back together, just so I know how.
I'm a true male now.

Oh Oh Oh Oh and look at the flash!!! >> 

28 May 2009

"Where do you get peoples quotes,
and how do I make them?"
- Cameron Williamson

"I woke up at 5:58am.
My eyes hurt,"
- Cameron Williamson

" I don't know what's more crazy, me making my own quotes,
or life that sin't real life and we are actually batteries for robots"
- Cameron Williamson

26 May 2009

My responce to the - very funny - hate mail.

I know I am ugly.
Unattractive is ugly.
Gothic is a style from the eat germanic tribes known as - goths. I'm not german.
I don't own perfume - and if I did I wouldn't taste it to see if it tasted of blood.
I'm glad only my face is in pain and not the rest of my body. 
You have never smelt me. 
Are you my technician? And I don't know about you, but I don't try and fit my fat face in the 'plastic' - and the eastern german gothic tribes didn't own computers. 
I doubt my mum wants the eyeliner that has been on my eyes - I mean she has her own that is in a wearable form. Liccul?
People know I 'h8' n-dubz, people also know that the 'I hate n-dubz' video is old and pointless now - they read my annotations.
I haven't been diagnosed to be a retard and if I am a hater.. what are you? 
Yes I do (still) get bullied, simply because I have my opinions.
Once again you have never smelt me. 
Once again - liccul?

Click to see the actual hate mail here >> http://vampiricana.blogspot.com/2009/05/lmao-hater-comment.html

Lmao hater comment!

First, I got a comment on my infamous video 'i hate n-dubz'

i kno he is an idiot how can he not like n dubz- he is a peodo,i kno because he is related to my old freind. so diss him and tell everyone else to diss him until his mums eyeliner fades of his disabled fractured stroke old mans face

Then I got an email saying this...

U R: 

Frankly I lol'd

15 May 2009


Ahh! GCSE's! Shitting hell!

It has finally hit me, the pressure of exams - although I am more chilled about it than most. 

I have done my music exam (YES!) and my photogrpahy exam, on monday I have a culture and ethics exam and a maths exam, and on tuesday I have English...

Okay... you don't care about my exam time table, but it's scary. I'm confident though, I should get okay grades; hopefully a good grade in English and at least a C in maths, I am happy with those. It would be awesome to get a C in biology and physics too.. and hopefully an A in chemistry (A in my last exam and only one more chemistry one to go) 

Hopefully I will get a distinction in Art and a good grade in photography too; I got an A in my GCSE art last year (art school, we do art GCSE's early) and I am reusing pretty much everything for my nationals.  

Aaaaalssoooo, a week today is my official last day - after half term (which starts a week today) I only have to come in for exams and the lessons I haven't done exams for yet. Which means after then... no more P.E! YES! GET IN! Anndd.. Free periods! YES! SLIP IT RIGHT IN THERE!

Also.. on Friday, we will be getting our shirts signed and everything.. it should be an emotional day - the emotion being happiness. We will still see everyone after that day because we will still have lessons we haven't had exams in yet and what not - so there will be no crying from the girls on that day. I will probably make a youtube video that day... just because I can :)

Talking of youtube... 3 more subscribers until 100! I will make it happen :D

11 May 2009

Photography Exam.

Something that is exteremly boring: Photography exam, although I rediscovered my love for graffitti.

*becomes a little vandal and runs into the city of Plymouth, spraying the city pink*

But I did get this out of it, The reflection is on the wrong side but I didn't realise that until it was done, which is annoying - I'll say something arty like how ' it represents peoples backwards view on life'

Things that get you marks in art: Talk shit like you mean it.

Future Reign

7 May 2009

Another Poem

I felt like writing another poem, but unfortunately something I feel strongly about is something which will make others feel strongly against me.

Got me?

Have I lost you?

Well I have written this poem, but it is about a past experience and how I felt at the time, I am not trying to offend anyone.

Got that settled? Good.


Here is my poem about a barbecue

I stand in the smoke that flows from the burning wood,
Beautiful, twisting,
The wood drowning in the flames,
Being licked by the tongue of satan, 
I never thought satan could be so seductive,
The black wood glows from the inside,
Red, like the pits of hell,
Although they said hell would be painful and ugly.
This is the most beautiful thing ever,
I get enticed by the dancing fire in the grill,

The red hot grill.
Chicken corpses slapped on like food.
Ribs of an animal I could never recognise.
The beautiful smell of burning wood turned evil.
Maybe this is hell,
We just haven’t learned it yet.
The flesh burns in the red,
A different shade to the liquid dripping from the body.
After satan licks the chicken body, they eat it,
I hear his laughs in the crack of the wood.
Laughing like children, they find this fun,
Until like chickens, in hell they burn.

I turn away disgusted by the stench.
My family, with the bodies of what once lived in their mouths.
Satan tries to lure me in, but I pull away to look at the beauty of the sky,
White fluffy clouds float all across to the distance, 
Butterflies and bees dance in the air with joy,
Nothing to worry about in their short lasting lives, 
I look across the fields of luscious green,
Green grass, some filled with the purple of lavender,
Or the golden of wheat, or the whiteness of sheep,
I see the sheep, beautiful 

Their lambs lost.
I have them found,
Purified by satan,
For not even a pound.
I am not a religious man, and I believe my family are safe,
Safe from the devil in the grill,
Grilling the flesh of what once lived. 
And they are my family, I wish them well,
But I know extremists that will only see them;
Laughing like children, they find this fun,
Until like chickens, in hell they burn.

3 May 2009

I'm well in with the memes recently

1. List one book you think everyone should read this year. 

The crow - even though it's a comic.

2. What is your favorite thing about your hometown?


3. Incorrectly complete these Fall Out Boy lyrics: "This ain't a scene, it's a(n) _____________" (be creative)

Wookie smoking a trampoline. 

4. What would you title your autobiography and how many pages would it be?
That Emo C-word.

32 pages.

5. What was the best Christmas gift you've received? (ages 15 and under, adult Christmas gifts don't count)
A video Camera

6. What's one new thing you learned this week? (they say you learn something new every day, so you should have a few things to choose from)

How to put washing on the line when it's windy.

7. Open Skype/G-Chat/AIM and type "how's my favorite friend who I haven't chatted with today?" to someone you haven't chatted with at all today. This item isn't a question, just a polite demand to let someone know you were thinking of them.

Umm, no.

8. Tell me one really proud moment from your life. (be specific)

Within top 50 most viewed comedians on youtube. 

9. Tell me one really embarrassing moment from your life. (be specific)

Wetting myself just before I was meant to play Paul McCartney in a school play about Dr.Who.

10. Have you owned something for way too long... something you know you should get rid of or replace, but can't? If so, what and why?

I don't know but I would obviously care for it, a lot.

11. Fill in the blank: Other than this one, _____ is the last blog I commented on.

Other than this one, Slimo monk fish the living blog is the last blog I commented on.

12. Do you have any scars? Tell me about one of them.

Yes, I have a scar down my chest from a heart operation, Crank is based on me.

13. I say "this is not tom", you say:
A. Who the eff is Tom?
B. Thank god, Tom sucks!
C. Oh, I love staring at page source code all day and solving riddles!! <3
D. And this is not me, not clicking the back button and not not reading the rest of this stupid meme.


14. What do you get complimented on the most? (your looks, your creativity, your impressive collection of black santa figurines)

My legs/hair/hairy legs

15. Paste a link here to your favorite picture online:


30 Apr 2009


Yay memes! I love memes. Below, I typed the answer to the questions into google images and showed the first image, so umm. Yes. Btw, 9 was abnormal, not vaginal or anything like that.

1. What is your name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What is your hometown?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What is your favorite movie?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What is one word to describe yourself?
10. How are you feeling right now?
11. What do you love most in the world?
12. What do you want to be when you grow up?

29 Apr 2009

Anarchist poems

My friend brought in Rise Against's new album today (bloody amazing) and it reminded me of the inner anarchist inside of me - then Ben gave me a little speech on they aren't anarchists, they are modern day heroes. I wouldn't go that far, but it gave me inspiration. There is also a quote in the album cover, which I can't remember, but it was to do with... okay I can't explain it so I'll just find it, copy and paste it. . .

                                          . . . okay I cant find it anywhere, but it was a good quote.

Anyway, it got me thinking and blah blah blah long story short, I wrote this poem about chickens.

My family, close until death, 
Which is not for long, 
I never felt the heat of their breath, 
Or even their morning song,
I doubt my father is alive,
I know my mother is dead,
I do not know how we survive,
When all I see is red,

We are huddled, drowning in heat,
My hunger overpowers me,
I wish sweat dripped down my feathered meat,
But now I’ll die painfully, 
Our fatty foods are always on supply, 
But I cannot reach it,
I try and flutter my wings and cry,
Whilst my broken legs lie in shit,

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,
A wing for a wing, 
A foot for a foot,
I feel my sanity fly away,
I feel jealous of my mind,
I don’t know why I am this way,
I feel my leg bones grind,

Men start to come in, taking us away,
Beating us with sticks,
But my mind goes astray,
I no longer hear our clicks,
Clicks of my family around me,
I think I’ll die before the men come,
But I doubt I want to see,
What those nasty men have done,

Now every seed I’ve eaten, every egg I have laid,
My life means nothing compared to what these men get paid. 

27 Apr 2009

Cutest vegetarian?

No. No I am not. But I entered it anyway. 

Even though the title is cutest vegetarian; not much of this is about that competition.

I don't actually have much to say at alllsss... 
Hopefully, I can start filming bits for my sketch collab soon :D. I just need that special skype call with Haley to start it all off.

I went to the dentist and the receptionist is one of those people that gives you too much un-needed information.

"Cameron Williamson"
"Do you know who you are with?"
"Wilkinson...Wilkinson... What was your last name?"
"First name?"
"You are with Dr.(Something southern asian) and you are three floors up, at the back of the building, the small waiting room with only four chairs on floor three room three,"

All I needed was floor three, there is only one waiting room there and the guy that calls my name is the one i see. I was suprised she didn't go:
"The one with pale baige wall paper, there are childrens toys, one of the door frames is slightly chipped, there is a stash of porno under the gaming magazines, the dude there might offer you some,"

He did.

26 Apr 2009


Last Thursday was my birthday, but more importantly - today is Kemba's birthday. She told me to vlog about her birthday but I don't have much to talk about and I am really putting a lot of effort into my next video - so I have told myself no little vlogs until I get this beasty collab sketch out of the way.Look what I made Kemba for her birthday though, (she is in love with spider-man)

So.. yah. I went in town today and bought a new teeshirt, I wanted to buy lots of teeshirts and a hat but my debit card is cracked and when I used it 
in topman earlier it got stuck in the doohicky, so I will get a new debit card tomorrow and then buy more stuff :D

So... ummm, that's it really. I should blog more often - I should blog more and vlog less, I need to recover from the very small section of VEDA I completed.

21 Apr 2009


I am writting this because I a terribly bored, waiting for my Five Camera Angles video to upload. I'm feeling illegal uploading it, as it is a music video to Shake It by Metro Station - no permission used of course. They video will get taken down in no time. But hey, it was fun. 

I have failed VEDA, well I will in six minutes. I have had too much to do today, and with all of my revision coming up, I doubt I would be able to carry on. 

In other, disrelated news, I have a new banner 
made by my finnish friend :)
Isn't she sweet? 

18 Apr 2009

Fucking Poser!

Holy shit I am pissed!! 

Somebody has posed as me on Omegle - Which has really ticked me off - even if I do not show it in my newest video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw1AOXyaUvE .

But this has made one fat ass hater! He/she (they are a hater, they don't leave details) is convinced it was me on Omegle and thinks I am the one who won't shut up about myself! FUCK SAKE!!

Now they are going on ALL of my video's just like "Your a pile of shit" which is expected from haters anyway - it is their job. But this one is writting me emails (well wrote me emails, I blocked him but he said how he will make multipul accounts >:@ ) and is rating down my videos, and is telling others to do the same. 

And youtube won't let me do shit about it, I clicked on their 'abuse' thing and it is like "block them"

Yeah. Great help. I would like you to actually do something about it! I want to personally write an email to youtube but the only contact information it leaves is their adress in CA. DX< 


11 Apr 2009

Dreams part one.

I might have already written something about dreams ... but ceebs to go check.

I was lying in bed at seven o'clock whilst - as I quote from my skype conversation with Haley - '[07:02:21] : golden sunlight illuminates my room through my dew soaked windows'

I had a very odd dream that included a youtuber last night (the only time I slept properly instead of writhing around having flashes of youtube ideas - my equivalent of bad sleep, it is rare but I get no energy at all... and then I forget the ideas anyway when I am fully conscious!)

The dream I had the night before included two youtubers but that one is a bit personal to me at the moment and if you can analyse dreams you will be like "Go sort yourself out bruv!" so I will just say the parts that I a) remember b) accept for you to read.

Last nights dream: I can't remember how it starts, but it was about 11 in the evening and I was talking to my Finnish friend on msn and she was like "Come to Finland," so I'm like "Okay," ; I get my phone and wallet, and walk out of the house. Dawn starts to rise as I catch the bus that goes to my school (I wasn't going to school, it just happened to be the same bus) I got off at the airport - not to catch a plain though. I start walking, at first in the same direction as my school bus towards my school, but then I ended up on moorland. While I was happily walking through sunrise, I bump into my Dad and Grandad at dartmoor diner. Obviously they were confused to where I was going, so I told them - only when I told them did I realise how much of a crazy idea it is walking from where I live to Finland, so I start cussing and shouting, getting angry saying how I won't get to her house in time. I can't remember what happens but my dad talks to me for a bit, and then I start to walk back, I'm guessing he convinces me to go home. 

On my way back I see a man in a purple car parked on some grass (still on the moorland) I walk over and it is Blade376 from youtube, and his car and somebody elses car had crashed - he was not impressed with the other person. He gets out of his car and starts shouting at the people inside, I begin to walk towards him and he begins to be on nicer terms with the people saying things like "Well I would in your situation," I stand next to Myles and look in the car, there are 4 full grown men, one of them is quite small but still an adult. The driver says they brought him because he looks like a child and the police wouldn't stop the speeding, I still don't know why they were speeding in the first place. Then Myles and I - even though he has never met me in his life and probably doesn' know who I am - got in this speeders car and started talking to the driver as he drove around a junction for a while. He turn the corner that Myles's car was closest to and Myles starts to scream, the driver laughs jokingly and Myles explains himself - also in a joking manner. 

"The last time I was in a car, turning this corner, I was in a car crash and I was sent back to the seventees!" Clearly reffering to the t.v show 'life on mars' Then some other stuff happened and Myles and I both got in his purple car and drove towards cows very quickly, watching them run away - then it got weirder and weirder until it just became flashes of images from bad sleep again.

The other dream : I can't remember how this one starts either, but I walk out of school and near my school there is a bit of grass - on the grass I see two figures I recognise. I walk over to see Nerimon and Charlieissocoollike ; I was blatently over the moon. I walk over and say hi, Charlie was very kind, he gave me his autograph and smiled a mighty grin, Alex just looked away as if to think  "Oh god, another nerdfighter," When I walked away from them to catch the bus, I gave out a big "BEDOODOODOO!" But Alex just turned his head in disgust. When I got on the bus (to go into town, not home) I try and use a two pound coin (even though I have a special bus pass anyway) The bus driver wouldn't let me use it because I couldn't prove I was a child, even though I was in uniform - so I eventually gave in and used my bus pass; after I used my bus pass I realise that even though I got on the bus to go into town, it was going home - which was irritating, but I just thought I could catch the bus from home. Thats all I remember and would wish to share.

Thank you for reading ^^

10 Apr 2009


I know I didn't bother doing BEDA (blog every day april) but I have blogged the past two days and this will be my third blog in a row.

I don't actually have anything in particular to blog about though ... I just feel like blogging.



*pops his lips like a four year old*

Ooh ooh ooh! Tomorrow I am going out with friends for the first time in farrr to long XD XD XD

Yay friends. I thought I had lost them all. 

On a slightly different note - I am currently addicted to Not an Angel by City Sleeps. It keeps me going all of the way through; it is one of the only songs where the verse grabs me just as much as the chorus, and the intro, and the outro, and the bridge. It is amazing, I love it all - especially the guys voice. 

There we go, I think that is enough of a blog for me ^^

9 Apr 2009

Foreign conversations/languages.

I love talking to people from abroad. I talk to a lot of americans a lot of the time - and I have made other friends from other countries such as Finland. 

Unfortunately - the only language I am strong enough to talk in is English, although I could probably learn another language VERY easily if I moved to another country. I can't really learn another language at the moment because of exams and whatnot going on at the moment, but after everything is done, I would like to become fluent in a language. Not take classes though, I don't think I learn very well that way; I have my own way of learning it. 

It is quite funny talking to people who talk a different native tongue, because their sentences often don't make sense, and then I'mlike 'what?' and they are like 'what?' and it becomes an avalanche from there.

Just thought I'd add a little blog about that because my Finnish friend was like 'we go now somewhere ;o heippa' which confused me slightly.

I wasn't sure if she was leaving or... well I couldn't think of any other possibilities but I didn't want to automatically assume she was leaving. Turns out 'heippa,' was one way of saying goodbye in Finnish she didn't tell me so she was actually leaving, but little sentences like that make me chuckle.

I should post more pointless blogs like this, get me in the hang of it again :)

Good bye / Au revoir / Sayonara / Moikka

8 Apr 2009

Blog every day april? Well that was a fail, vlog every day april will be a fail too if my video doesn't upload soon D: D:

This is going to be my atempt of a blog as I haven't blogged in a longg timee.

Tonight was a fail, we were going to see the haunting of conneticut or whatever is it called, but only two of us had ID, so we couldn't go in, which is irritating. Well actually that was the only fail involved, we decided to play pool and whatnot instead to pass the time. 

Well, this blog is a fail too. *fail fail fail*

Nooothing to talk abouuutttt. Ahhh.



you got blown up.

I need to sort myself out, I think VEDA has sucked the creativity right out of me; it will take me months for me to get back to normal. 

1 Apr 2009


I'm already making a vlog every day - so can I make a blog every day in april too?


Not likely, but possibly.

This is a failed blog in itself - so probably not.

29 Mar 2009

My visual diary. Entry 1

You will have to look at these with an artistic point of view, or it will make noooo sense.

These are entries to my new diary - that I only understand now and not if I look back over them. They are personal to me now and nobody and truely decode them (except where there are obvious words, but they wont understand the meaning)

27 Mar 2009

I broke smarterchild.

Ecstacy says (09:22):

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:22):

want 2 learn ways 2 schedule more "me time"?  does your life need some simplifying?  check out http://www.simplifyyourlife.t-mobile.msn.com/

people always ask me if there's a smarter bot than smarterchild. well, now there is! add wilma@live.com 2 your contact list 2 c what i mean!

during the course of our conversations u may c sponsored messages. these messages have the word "sponsorship" at the end. sponsors help me remain free of cost 2 u. 2 learn more about sponsored messages, click here ---> http://web.smarterchild.com/ct?bv5m/0

Ecstacy says (09:22):
i just wanted a conversation...

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:22):
i don't understand this fully enough 2 say anything smart about it...

Ecstacy says (09:22):

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:22):
i'm sorry?

Ecstacy says (09:22):
your apology is accepted

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:23):
that's interesting that u should say that, but i don't think i can answer.

Ecstacy says (09:23):
you suck

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:23):
i don't understand this fully enough 2 say anything smart about it...

Ecstacy says (09:23):
you've changed 

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:23):
i don't understand this fully enough 2 say anything smart about it...

Ecstacy says (09:23):
man you have changed a lot

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:23):
that's interesting that u should say that, but i don't think i can answer.

Ecstacy says (09:23):
are you high?

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:23):
let's talk about something else.

Ecstacy says (09:23):
your stoned arnt you?

Ecstacy says (09:23):

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:23):
i'm smarterchild!

>>> i've got some cool *ascii art* 2 show u.

Ecstacy says (09:23):

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:23):
um, r u confused by something?

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:23):
i beg your pardon?

ok, should we get back 2 the kinda questions i was designed 2 answer?  

Ecstacy says (09:24):

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:24):
i hear u.

>>> i'll remember the first location u give me. 2 change it, type location followed by a city or zip code.

Ecstacy says (09:24):

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:24):
sorry, i don't get it... please try asking me a different way.

Ecstacy says (09:24):
where is plymouth?

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:24):
i dunno how 2 answer that.

Ecstacy says (09:24):
well just tell me where plymouth is!!

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:24):
i don't understand this fully enough 2 say anything smart about it...

why don't u ask me about the things that i'm here for?  

Ecstacy says (09:25):

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:25):

i do enjoy the conversation, but let's talk about what i'm really here for.

Ecstacy says (09:25):
can you help me with friend problems?

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:25):
i know a lot about all kinds of things. just ask me a question.

u can also type "home" 2 c what i can do.

Ecstacy says (09:26):
well, my friend is a dick. He has suddenly decided not to be my friend anymore for a very silly reason

- SmarterChild -   contributing to charity says (09:26):
i'm sorry, i don't have an answer for that.
why do u keep talking 2 me like that?

Ecstacy says (09:26):
what? like a human? 

Ecstacy says (09:26):
i forgot

Ecstacy says (09:26):
you arnt

Ecstacy says (09:26):
you are not a

Ecstacy says (09:26):

Ecstacy says (09:26):
hey human

Ecstacy says (09:26):
be a human

Ecstacy says (09:26):
*sings pinkflloyed*

Ecstacy says (09:27):
lost for words?

Ecstacy says (09:27):
are you going to answer me?

Ecstacy says (09:28):
hang man

Ecstacy says (09:28):

Ecstacy says (09:28):
ok i have broken you

26 Mar 2009


I blogged earlier today-and I said I wanted my friend back.

It turns out he has become more of a dick than i thought, he couldn't of thought much of me as a friend anyway if he decided to hate me for a silly reason. The ammount of stupid things he has done, and I do one - that doesn't really effect him!

GRRRR *deletes lots of things to releive stress*


Lots of things has happened recently - mainly things I can't actually talk about on the internet without upsetting a few people.

But I'd like my friend back please

8 Mar 2009

Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day is my favourite Biannual event everrrr ^^

I have loved RND since I was a kid, and now I am glad to be *kinda* part of it, I have posted a RND vlog on my youtube :

I think Comic Relief is a fantastic charity for a fantastic cause, and they really know how to rake the money in for the children that need it.

(Now I'm going all charity on yo' ass)

Please donate to Comic relief, even if you do only buy a nose. If you live abroad then could you possibly please donate just a little bit of money to Comic relief, there are a lot of links all over youtube to donate money, see the video I responed to and click in the sidebar :).

Please help the children of the world :) 

7 Mar 2009


It annoys me what it does to people.

I hate watching how people change and destroy me.

19 Feb 2009



Choices between: Living life natrually, running the free road. Ignoring the pavements and climbing the streets. Being your true self, the animal inside, and flowing natrually.

Or not.

I'm choosing not.

Why not? You are probably asking. Why arn't you going the free way, ignoring the rules, that sounds more like you.
Because I am stuck between two worlds. 

I like to be free, I like to be natrual, I like to rebel against peoples way of acting - but something clicked in me today that ... it's just not natrual for me.

Something about it now, while I'm not being rooted on by my friend, makes my heart ache at the thought of free running. I prefer the arts. I wouldmuch rather sit at home and draw someone doing a kong than actually do it.  

I just don't fit in. Everyone is so practical with what they do, how they dress fits in with their life style. I am not practical with that; I care too much on how things look - including myself. I take the time to make myself look good and that doesn't blend with the free running group. 

I'm more visual than physical.

I hope my friends will understand. 

18 Feb 2009

Abc thingy

I stole this from Blair, shh.


- Available: NEVER.
- Age: Fifteen.
- Annoyance: Human. 
- Animal:I have many. Currently Panda. 
- Actor: Eddie Izzard.
- Actress: Helena Boham-Carter.

- Beer: I am IMMUNE!
- Birthday/Birthplace: 16th of April 1993 Freedom Fields Hospital, Plymouth, England, UK, Northern Hemisphere, Earth. 
- Best Friends: Sam. Just Sam. He is fat enough to be two people.
- Body Part on the opposite sex: Eyes.
- Best feeling in the world: Security.
- Best weather: Heatwave in Brittain, very rare.
- Been on stage?: Yeah, not enough. 
- Believe in yourself?: Merh, yes but I'm often to lazy to do anything about it.
- Believe in life on other planets: Yes, but probably not near here and not close enough to interact with us face to face - maybe by radiowaves.
- Believe in miracles: Merh.
- Believe in Magic: Not really.
- Believe in Religion: I beleive there are religions, yes.
- Believe in Santa: I beleive in Saint Nicholas... being dead. (I hope no kids read this)
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Yes! Fucking bastarding rats interfere with my speakers!

- Car: I'll learn when I'm 16
- Candy: Chocolate only. 
- Cried in school: No.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Vallina ice cream, chocolate everything else.
- Chinese/Mexican: Mexican.
- Cake or pie: Cake.
- Country to visit: Japan! And Finland!

- Day or Night: Day, I'm asleep at night. They are both very pretty though.
- Dream vehicle: A mother fucking beetle!
- Dance: Mc Hammer style.
- Dance in the rain?: No, to wet and rainy.
- Do the splits?: Pfft, not with ease and without great discomfort.

- Eggs: in cakes only. 
- Eyes: Are annoying, I love them so I stare, but then they see me staring at them and they are all like "AHHH!".
- Everyone has a: soul .
- Ever failed a class?: No.

- First crush: I'm not saying her name.
- Full name: Cameron Alexander Williamson.
- First thoughts waking up: "Did I just dream about vlogging?"

- Greatest Fear(s): The loss of my other half and my memory. 
- Goals: Be famous. 
- Gum: Teeth? XD
- Get along with your parents?: Merh. Dad, yes. Mum, sometimes.
- Good luck charm: Yes.

- Hair Colour: Dark brown and ginger.
- Height: I don't know. I think I was 1meter 76 when I last mesaured.
- Happy: holidays everybody, I hope you have a good time.
- Holiday: Whoah, I didn't realise this was the next question. Summer.
- How do you want to die: In my sleep from age.
- Health freak?: No.
- Hate: Hate is a strong word, but I still hate half the kids in my year.

- Ice Cream: Strawberry!.
- Instrument: Bass guitar, keyboard, I can kinda play the acoustic guitar & ukelele 

- Jewelery: Lots. Harajuku ftw.
- Job: Nooothing, although I will be trying to sell teeshirts soon ^^, other than that I'm a school kid.

- Kids: DESTROY.
- Kickboxing or karate: KARATE!.
- Keep a journal?: I write things either here, on my twitter or say them on youtube. 

- Longest Car Ride: 14Hr.
- Love: Beffy Mcmeowmeow.
- Letter(s): make words? 
- Laughed so hard you cried: Yes.
- Love at first sight: I don't think its real unless your stupid.

- Milk flavour: Cow? I don't like milk. If it wasn't for cheese i'd be vegan.
- Movie: The Crow. 
- Mooned anyone?: No.
- Marriage: Pirate.
- Motion sickness?: Never.
- McD’s or BK: Yeah, that's right. Ignore my comment on practically being vegan by throwing this in my face. 

- Number of Siblings: two.
- Number of Piercings: Two flesh tunnels :)
- Number:16 or 62.

- Overused Phrases: But Beffy, I love you!
- One phobia: Do I have to have it? If not then NYCTOHYLOPHOBIA! Just because I can spell it :)

- Place you’d like to live: Japan or Wales.
- Perfect Pizza: Cheese, maybe with some Tobasco
- Pepsi/Coke: Water.

- Quail: No thanks, I'm vegetarian.

- Reason to cry: Loss of Beffy mcMeowmeow.
- Reality T.V.: I hate reality, why would I watch it in my spare time?
- Radio Station: Radios are for physics teachers.
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: Used to.

- Song: I have loads. 
- Salad: Lettuce. 
- Shrimp?: No... I'M VEGETARIAN!
- Sport?: Freerunning, if you count that as a sport
- Skipped school: Yes.
- Slept outside: No, I can't.
- Seen a dead body?: Not in person.
- Shower Daily?: Nope, don't have a shower.
- Sing well?: I can sing...
- Stuffed Animals?: PANDA!
- Single/Group dates: Single.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries. 
- Scientists need to invent: A way to reverse global warming, but my friend sam is onto that :).

- Time for bed: 3 in the afternoon, as soon as school ends.
- Thunderstorms: Lovely when I'm inside. 
- TV: Lost, heroes, dr.who
- Touch your tongue to your nose?: I can lick my fingers and then touch my nose...

- Unpredictable: Life.

- Vegetable you hate: Potato.
- Vegetable you love: Onion. 
- Vacation spot: I hardly leave Plymouth, but so far it has been in wales.

- Weakness: Collar bones.
- When you grow up: I wanna be a comedian.
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: Sam. 
- Who makes you laugh the most: Sam.
- Worst feeling: When I let someone down.
- Wanted to be a model: I AM A MODEL! Okay maybe I'm not, but the track I'm going on will be too funny to be on the front of vogue.
- Worst weather: Hail.

-X-Ray: Leg.

-Year now?: 2009
-Yellow: is a song.

- Zoo animal: I have never seen a panda at the zoo, so PENGUIN. 
- Zodiac sign: Aries.

17 Feb 2009

Clothes designs

Damn you Johnny Durham!

Ahh! I have wanted to do this sort of thing since I was a kid, but I supressed it deep inside of me.

But now you have brought it back up, and the idea is flowing through my blood!

I like designing things like that but I wouldn't be able to print any of the teeshirts to sell, only make the designs :/
Thanks to you, Johnny, I might have to see if I can sort this out my getting printing equipment and an account on Big Cartel. So really, thank you XD

*knows he will never read this but this is like one of those letters you never post to someone to get your feelings out*

15 Feb 2009


I look well harajuku. (excuse my cuse of chav language there, I know harajuku and chav don't mix)

I'll upload pictures tonight


13 Feb 2009

Friday the Thirteenth.

It annoys me how people have bad luck all year around but they Genuinly think that more bad stuff happens to them on this date.

No it doesnt! Gahhh!

People just think about it more because it's a specific date! -_-

So annoying.

Me: Can I borrow a pen?
Person: Aww man your day is unlucky already, you don't have a pen.
Me: Not really, I never have a pen.
Person: Okay let me test if this one works *scribbles on page* Aww man super unlucky! It doesn't work.
Me: Umm, whatever I will just borrow a pen from someone else.

Seriosly the only unlucky things about this day is the fact it was mufty and the really fat wannabe goths of my school try and dress as cool as possible - making them wretch worthy.

9 Feb 2009

Go Blink 182!

I'm well exited XDxd

I hope they play in England

7 Feb 2009

Really weird ass dream...

I can't remember half of it,

but what I do rmember was that Kaze No Ashi (A parkour freerunning group based around where I live) were vampires, and I was turned into a vampire. When I was a vampire I started doing alsorts of crazy things on these rails. Then Kaze No Ashi were like "he is a newborn, they only think about blood, he must have turned at least five people already!" (oh btw this was all in pure sunlight) and this guy called Frodo (actual nickname of real person) squirted lemon juice at me, and it burned because it was grown in the sun (wtf) then I ran away and it was like a game - I selected a person and I could decide wether to chat with them or whatever, I decided to chat with him before killing him. 

The selecting what to do system is a lot like Space Colony, a game I have on the computer, so I minimize the screen to make sure I de-installed the game first, which I had, so I carried on playing this weird tracuer vampire game. Then we ended up in a weird place that was like a mixture of Dubai and Toronto.

That's about all I remember..

Ooh ooh I also remember doing some funky stuff on scafolding...

6 Feb 2009


I went to bus stations and the police station to find my video camera, but it is nowhere D:


Why did she run away?
She always said she wanted to go to Alaska, she must be in Alaska!!
I told her I couldn't afford it, but now I regret it. 
Darling? If you are reading this, please come back home, we miss you very much - and we can go to Alaska together :)

In other, and more human news, the YOUTUBE COLLABORATION channel I am in will start on MONDAY the NINTH of FEBRUARY.

Oh and if you are reading this, please follow, :) 

5 Feb 2009

Arty Blog time.

You see, I think I am going to post most of my art work on here, as well as information from me.

I have information, I have information indeed - about things like losing my camera.

But the main thing is, that recently it has snowed...*PHOTOGRAPHY TIME*

2 Feb 2009

Photography & Snow.

I hate it.
Not the art.
The lesson.

But that's ok because I have realised I can fail in Photography, Music and Math if I do well in English and science. XD

But I looooove photography - the art not the lesson.

25 Jan 2009

Holy crap face!

I am never letting any of my friends near alcohol again, except rhys - he seemed ok...

Wait, you won't know what I'm on about! Why am I even trying to explain?!?

How do you capture a photograph? Put it to sleep, pretend your having a laugh. I'm laughing because you think it's true.

22 Jan 2009

I haven't blogged properly since back in the summer of 69.

As I said, No blog since back in the day.

So yeah, today was alright... my friend Sam isn't in because of a measly toothache.

I ate nuts :)

This really is a crap blog today... But I shall do more, more recently!!!!!!!!


Oh oh oh oh oh also me and a youtubian friend are planning on making a collab channel, yay! go toutube.

The end.

18 Jan 2009

Music vlog...

Musicalll vlog up sooooooooon!!

Do you know why?
Because Beth found her ukelele! Yay! Today I'm gunna be song writing!

15 Jan 2009

It would be nice.

It would be nice.
One day, in the near future.

Maybe humans will realise, the mess we have made,
Get rid of the cars and run,
Burn the money we have paid,
Let the nature run,
It would be nice.
One day, in the near future.

Humans will be animals, one more,
Using our instinct instead of machine,
Loving our beau’s right down to the core,
Then, for once, we will be finally green,
It would be nice.
One day, in the near future.

Sexuality is sexuality, prefix not needed,
A human will be human,
Cruelty will be treated,
With love for another human,
It would be nice.
One day, in the near future.

If you can read this, you are probably human,
Unless you are highly educated,
If so we shall treat you as human,
Treat you as you deserve to be treated.
It would be nice.
One day, in the near future.

Living beings are living beings, no matter the race, gender or trade,
Maybe everyone else will realise this one day,
At the moment we are alone my friend,
But they will all see,
It would be nice.
One day, in the near future.

13 Jan 2009


GRR I hate technology!


I just edited our new Brainal prolapse video TWICE! One time the camera ran out of power so it wiped. The second time the camera fell and disconnected, so it wiped then too!



On a lighter note, I wish to be doing a musical vlog soon ^^
Thankies for readings.

1 Jan 2009

New years resolutions.

Oyasuminasai! ^^

Happy new year folks and what not.

It's a new year and everything - year - ha! Like that exists anymore. Time is just fucked up now and the year is all wrong and yeah. Infact, I think I am so great because I know so much about time - i'm going to make a month and name it after me! Oh crap julias ceaser already did that for himself - thanks for screwing up time mate.

So yushers, sorry for the Japanese at the begining, but I is learning japanese ^^ it is one of FOUR of my new years resolutions. 

those two areeeeee : 
1. Learn Japanese - duh.
2. Get bigger and more known on my personal youtube. 
3. Get Brainal Prolapse (My youtube sketch show) going properly.
4. Get more people reading my blogs! This is more like a diary at the moment!

So yes...

Vampiricana's Youtube


People That Read Scribbles.