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21 Sep 2009

Nigerians hate district 9

First, a small apology to those that watch my youtube videos. I'm sorry I haven't made one in a while. Done.
Second, a small apology to those that read my blog. I'm sorry I haven't written one in a while. Done.

Now to the intersting part.

A few weeks back, I watched the film 'District 9' while I enjoyed very much. It almost has a a feeling of political satire (in my mind) about racism etc. The racism in this film (in my mind) but apparently, it is racist towards Nigerians (in the Nigerian governments mind).

I agree, there is a gang which is a bit sick with a weird leader and prostitutes that screw aliens - but it's not saying every Nigerian is doing this - just this illegal gang. The film isn't calling everyone a scum, it shows the gangs as being bad and everywhere in the world has a bad gang with a bad reputation. Jeez. It's silly.

They also think that the Nigerians are shown as hateful in the film - hateful towards the aliens? If so, then that's silly, because everyone acts hatefully in the film towards the alien (Apart from a small protest group which I don't doubt aren't Nigerian)

Deary me.

I will upload a video tomorrow from my webcam as my camera won't turn on :/ night. x

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