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24 Dec 2009

I doubt anybody even reads this...

But I shall continue to write anyway.

I have been neglecting this blog, to be honest I have had many other things on my mind (Sixth form)

I seriously dislike school at the moment. I took lessons I enjoyed and school has sucked the fun right out of them, way to go and make me have second thaughts on my life.

The only thing I still am truly 100% in love with is comedy - but lets face it, I'm hardly going to be a comedian. I'll try, for sure, but will I make it?

Anyway.. I bore you no more (if anybody was reading this anyway)
Look at these pretty pictures I took :) [Yes, I still use art to relax - even if it isn't as fun as it used to be, thanks to the educational system I belong to]

And my personal favourite...

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