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25 Jun 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson.

I am writing this now while everything on the Internet has stopped and is dedicated to Michael Jackson. Many rumours popped up about Jackson being dead/ being in a coma/ died and then was in a coma.

I think it has been approved enough that he is, sadly, officially dead. I will write more tomorrow when everything has been properly confirmed, but right now, I'll say this.

Michael Jackson is a great man of our era, and will be remembered for a long time. He inspired people, many great people, to do great things. Even if you didn't like him, you knew who he was. I wasn't particularly a huge Jackson fan, but I admire his music a lot. If somebody sat me down and forced me to listen to his music, I wouldn't complain, because it is genuinely good music.

Michael Jackson will be remembered for centuries, he will be our Mozart or Beethoven, he will be as well known as Cesar and king author (Except the Jackson stories will be real of course)

I only pray for his children and that Jackson's wish of his children living normal lives is appreciated by the media.

Rest in Peace.

24 Jun 2009


There is a lot of discussion around at the moment about this whole Perez Hilton, Will.I.Am situation - and I am going to join it.

I will start this by saying I am not a huge fan of either Perez or Will.I.Am, I find Perez a bit whiney.. sure I follow him on twitter and I admire what he does but I don't go on his website every day to check it - and with Will.I.Am, I don't really like Black Eyed Pea's music, it's just not my taste, but I admit I like 'Boom Boom Pow' and he seems like quite a cool character.

But when I heard all of this started off, I ignored it. I thought I knew the whole story, that Will.I.Am hit Perez like everyone is saying.. it turns out that's not the story at all. I h
ave watched the videos that Will.I.Am and Perez Hilton have made to talk about these events trying to pick together the whole story. From what I have got, Fergie was offended by what Perez had said, which is very understandable, I am sorry but he was a bitch to her, then Perez is like "Hey I was just being honest but now the song's growing on me"... but, I'm sorry if I missed it, he didn't say sorry for calling her 'fugly'. Now obviously Fergie would be upset and tell Will.I.Am, and I would of done the same thing and ask Perez what's going on; Will.I.Am and Perez Hilton tell different sides of this - Will.I.Am says it although he was relaxed, but Perez Hilton says it as if Will.I.Am was attacking him. Either way, it's understandable.

Perez then tries to make up for it, and then calls him a gay faggot... which seems like an odd insult for Perez to use. Then Perez leaves with Lady Gaga (of whom I admire more than everyone else in the story.. which is why I am adding her in) and then.. according to Perez, Will.I.Am was suddenly there, as if he had the same powers as the mutant he played in the Wolverine film and teleported out before him.

And then this is where the story gets interesting and Perez gets hit by someone that Perez
claims was Black Eyed Peas' manager... even though he also claims he was hit from behind.. so how could he know it was his manager? Unless of course Lady Gaga, one of her body guards or someone else later told him.

Now, I admit violence isn't a good way to resolve things, it doesn't matter if he was hit by Will.I.Am's manager or a fan like Will.I.Am says. I think Perez, no offence to the man, should sort himself out though - I was hit in the mouth yesterday for no reason at all and I left it, if anything I got more annoyed with explaining to many people why I had a bleeding lip. Perez was hit for a reason, he had offended people, yet he is all 'ahh I got hit'. Violence probably wasn't the right thing to do, but I still understand why it happened.

And then Perez was like all 'Ahhh they are following us!' when the Black Eyed Peas were staying in the same hotel... surely it was just a coincidence? If they were staying somewhere else I would understand.. but they weren't. I doubt they would change hotel plans just to make Perez sleep better.

Like I said at the begining, I am not taking any sides, and I respect both Will.I.Am and Perez Hilton ... they were both in the wrong.. but maybe more so Perez, simply for saying bad things. Its Karma.

9 Jun 2009

Dreeeeaam, dream dream dream dream dreeeaaaam

I cant remember a lot of this dream...
but I remember this much :

I was in my house and Haley (from FiveCameraAngles) knocked on my front door, obviously I was shocked and happy to see a bunch of youtubers outside my house. There was Haley, Blair, Emma and Matt (yes the 5ca crewage) but there were lots of other I have never seen. I then had a flashback to a festival where I was with Haley and Emma and we were filming a youtube video together (so I had met Haley and Emma already in the dream :S)

Then back to now, I was hanging around with this group of youtubers from over the seas and we went to this bus stop near my house to just chill. Everyone goes off for a while to explore where I live except Adam, Emma and I. (Emma is on 5ca, along with everyone else I have named so far except Adam, he goes to my school - he is the one in my last day of school video on youtube with a car in the photo montage)

So yeah, us three were just chatting and this this other girl I think I made up came over and started talking to us, she was like "I haven't any of any of your videos," directed to the three of us, Adam was like "Me? Ohhh no, I don't make youtube videos," In his unbelievably deep, Tay Zonday-esk voice. Then we exchange youtube channels with this new girl and everyone comes back from exploring. I ask Haley why they are here - she says they are on some trip or something and are staying in Tavistock (a small town about 20 miles away) and she knew I lived near by so she called for me. I ask if I want to show them where the bus stop is if they want to go back to where they are staying (even though they would of known anyway if they got here)

Adam then says he needs to go to the George anyway (which is a diner right next to the bus stop to Tavistock) so we all walk up there, and then Haley and Blair go into a shop for something and come out with bags full of strawberry laces.

Then I woke up. It was weird.

4 Jun 2009


I did a review for 'Drag me to Hell' Which I personally disliked but many others loved. Putting the personal views of the film aside - My review has gotten more feedback than my other videos, quicker. And it is all positive so far. 

So I was thinking, whilst eating honey on toast for breakfast before school, I should do more. Well I actually thought about it last night but I'm eating now while I type so it works. The next time I go to the cinema, I shall jot down notes and do a review about it :)

alsoo.... english exam later D: LOSE!
anddd it's not as sunny today :A

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