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25 Jan 2009

Holy crap face!

I am never letting any of my friends near alcohol again, except rhys - he seemed ok...

Wait, you won't know what I'm on about! Why am I even trying to explain?!?

How do you capture a photograph? Put it to sleep, pretend your having a laugh. I'm laughing because you think it's true.

22 Jan 2009

I haven't blogged properly since back in the summer of 69.

As I said, No blog since back in the day.

So yeah, today was alright... my friend Sam isn't in because of a measly toothache.

I ate nuts :)

This really is a crap blog today... But I shall do more, more recently!!!!!!!!


Oh oh oh oh oh also me and a youtubian friend are planning on making a collab channel, yay! go toutube.

The end.

18 Jan 2009

Music vlog...

Musicalll vlog up sooooooooon!!

Do you know why?
Because Beth found her ukelele! Yay! Today I'm gunna be song writing!

15 Jan 2009

It would be nice.

It would be nice.
One day, in the near future.

Maybe humans will realise, the mess we have made,
Get rid of the cars and run,
Burn the money we have paid,
Let the nature run,
It would be nice.
One day, in the near future.

Humans will be animals, one more,
Using our instinct instead of machine,
Loving our beau’s right down to the core,
Then, for once, we will be finally green,
It would be nice.
One day, in the near future.

Sexuality is sexuality, prefix not needed,
A human will be human,
Cruelty will be treated,
With love for another human,
It would be nice.
One day, in the near future.

If you can read this, you are probably human,
Unless you are highly educated,
If so we shall treat you as human,
Treat you as you deserve to be treated.
It would be nice.
One day, in the near future.

Living beings are living beings, no matter the race, gender or trade,
Maybe everyone else will realise this one day,
At the moment we are alone my friend,
But they will all see,
It would be nice.
One day, in the near future.

13 Jan 2009


GRR I hate technology!


I just edited our new Brainal prolapse video TWICE! One time the camera ran out of power so it wiped. The second time the camera fell and disconnected, so it wiped then too!



On a lighter note, I wish to be doing a musical vlog soon ^^
Thankies for readings.

1 Jan 2009

New years resolutions.

Oyasuminasai! ^^

Happy new year folks and what not.

It's a new year and everything - year - ha! Like that exists anymore. Time is just fucked up now and the year is all wrong and yeah. Infact, I think I am so great because I know so much about time - i'm going to make a month and name it after me! Oh crap julias ceaser already did that for himself - thanks for screwing up time mate.

So yushers, sorry for the Japanese at the begining, but I is learning japanese ^^ it is one of FOUR of my new years resolutions. 

those two areeeeee : 
1. Learn Japanese - duh.
2. Get bigger and more known on my personal youtube. 
3. Get Brainal Prolapse (My youtube sketch show) going properly.
4. Get more people reading my blogs! This is more like a diary at the moment!

So yes...

Vampiricana's Youtube


People That Read Scribbles.