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19 Feb 2009



Choices between: Living life natrually, running the free road. Ignoring the pavements and climbing the streets. Being your true self, the animal inside, and flowing natrually.

Or not.

I'm choosing not.

Why not? You are probably asking. Why arn't you going the free way, ignoring the rules, that sounds more like you.
Because I am stuck between two worlds. 

I like to be free, I like to be natrual, I like to rebel against peoples way of acting - but something clicked in me today that ... it's just not natrual for me.

Something about it now, while I'm not being rooted on by my friend, makes my heart ache at the thought of free running. I prefer the arts. I wouldmuch rather sit at home and draw someone doing a kong than actually do it.  

I just don't fit in. Everyone is so practical with what they do, how they dress fits in with their life style. I am not practical with that; I care too much on how things look - including myself. I take the time to make myself look good and that doesn't blend with the free running group. 

I'm more visual than physical.

I hope my friends will understand. 

18 Feb 2009

Abc thingy

I stole this from Blair, shh.


- Available: NEVER.
- Age: Fifteen.
- Annoyance: Human. 
- Animal:I have many. Currently Panda. 
- Actor: Eddie Izzard.
- Actress: Helena Boham-Carter.

- Beer: I am IMMUNE!
- Birthday/Birthplace: 16th of April 1993 Freedom Fields Hospital, Plymouth, England, UK, Northern Hemisphere, Earth. 
- Best Friends: Sam. Just Sam. He is fat enough to be two people.
- Body Part on the opposite sex: Eyes.
- Best feeling in the world: Security.
- Best weather: Heatwave in Brittain, very rare.
- Been on stage?: Yeah, not enough. 
- Believe in yourself?: Merh, yes but I'm often to lazy to do anything about it.
- Believe in life on other planets: Yes, but probably not near here and not close enough to interact with us face to face - maybe by radiowaves.
- Believe in miracles: Merh.
- Believe in Magic: Not really.
- Believe in Religion: I beleive there are religions, yes.
- Believe in Santa: I beleive in Saint Nicholas... being dead. (I hope no kids read this)
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Yes! Fucking bastarding rats interfere with my speakers!

- Car: I'll learn when I'm 16
- Candy: Chocolate only. 
- Cried in school: No.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Vallina ice cream, chocolate everything else.
- Chinese/Mexican: Mexican.
- Cake or pie: Cake.
- Country to visit: Japan! And Finland!

- Day or Night: Day, I'm asleep at night. They are both very pretty though.
- Dream vehicle: A mother fucking beetle!
- Dance: Mc Hammer style.
- Dance in the rain?: No, to wet and rainy.
- Do the splits?: Pfft, not with ease and without great discomfort.

- Eggs: in cakes only. 
- Eyes: Are annoying, I love them so I stare, but then they see me staring at them and they are all like "AHHH!".
- Everyone has a: soul .
- Ever failed a class?: No.

- First crush: I'm not saying her name.
- Full name: Cameron Alexander Williamson.
- First thoughts waking up: "Did I just dream about vlogging?"

- Greatest Fear(s): The loss of my other half and my memory. 
- Goals: Be famous. 
- Gum: Teeth? XD
- Get along with your parents?: Merh. Dad, yes. Mum, sometimes.
- Good luck charm: Yes.

- Hair Colour: Dark brown and ginger.
- Height: I don't know. I think I was 1meter 76 when I last mesaured.
- Happy: holidays everybody, I hope you have a good time.
- Holiday: Whoah, I didn't realise this was the next question. Summer.
- How do you want to die: In my sleep from age.
- Health freak?: No.
- Hate: Hate is a strong word, but I still hate half the kids in my year.

- Ice Cream: Strawberry!.
- Instrument: Bass guitar, keyboard, I can kinda play the acoustic guitar & ukelele 

- Jewelery: Lots. Harajuku ftw.
- Job: Nooothing, although I will be trying to sell teeshirts soon ^^, other than that I'm a school kid.

- Kids: DESTROY.
- Kickboxing or karate: KARATE!.
- Keep a journal?: I write things either here, on my twitter or say them on youtube. 

- Longest Car Ride: 14Hr.
- Love: Beffy Mcmeowmeow.
- Letter(s): make words? 
- Laughed so hard you cried: Yes.
- Love at first sight: I don't think its real unless your stupid.

- Milk flavour: Cow? I don't like milk. If it wasn't for cheese i'd be vegan.
- Movie: The Crow. 
- Mooned anyone?: No.
- Marriage: Pirate.
- Motion sickness?: Never.
- McD’s or BK: Yeah, that's right. Ignore my comment on practically being vegan by throwing this in my face. 

- Number of Siblings: two.
- Number of Piercings: Two flesh tunnels :)
- Number:16 or 62.

- Overused Phrases: But Beffy, I love you!
- One phobia: Do I have to have it? If not then NYCTOHYLOPHOBIA! Just because I can spell it :)

- Place you’d like to live: Japan or Wales.
- Perfect Pizza: Cheese, maybe with some Tobasco
- Pepsi/Coke: Water.

- Quail: No thanks, I'm vegetarian.

- Reason to cry: Loss of Beffy mcMeowmeow.
- Reality T.V.: I hate reality, why would I watch it in my spare time?
- Radio Station: Radios are for physics teachers.
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: Used to.

- Song: I have loads. 
- Salad: Lettuce. 
- Shrimp?: No... I'M VEGETARIAN!
- Sport?: Freerunning, if you count that as a sport
- Skipped school: Yes.
- Slept outside: No, I can't.
- Seen a dead body?: Not in person.
- Shower Daily?: Nope, don't have a shower.
- Sing well?: I can sing...
- Stuffed Animals?: PANDA!
- Single/Group dates: Single.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries. 
- Scientists need to invent: A way to reverse global warming, but my friend sam is onto that :).

- Time for bed: 3 in the afternoon, as soon as school ends.
- Thunderstorms: Lovely when I'm inside. 
- TV: Lost, heroes, dr.who
- Touch your tongue to your nose?: I can lick my fingers and then touch my nose...

- Unpredictable: Life.

- Vegetable you hate: Potato.
- Vegetable you love: Onion. 
- Vacation spot: I hardly leave Plymouth, but so far it has been in wales.

- Weakness: Collar bones.
- When you grow up: I wanna be a comedian.
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: Sam. 
- Who makes you laugh the most: Sam.
- Worst feeling: When I let someone down.
- Wanted to be a model: I AM A MODEL! Okay maybe I'm not, but the track I'm going on will be too funny to be on the front of vogue.
- Worst weather: Hail.

-X-Ray: Leg.

-Year now?: 2009
-Yellow: is a song.

- Zoo animal: I have never seen a panda at the zoo, so PENGUIN. 
- Zodiac sign: Aries.

17 Feb 2009

Clothes designs

Damn you Johnny Durham!

Ahh! I have wanted to do this sort of thing since I was a kid, but I supressed it deep inside of me.

But now you have brought it back up, and the idea is flowing through my blood!

I like designing things like that but I wouldn't be able to print any of the teeshirts to sell, only make the designs :/
Thanks to you, Johnny, I might have to see if I can sort this out my getting printing equipment and an account on Big Cartel. So really, thank you XD

*knows he will never read this but this is like one of those letters you never post to someone to get your feelings out*

15 Feb 2009


I look well harajuku. (excuse my cuse of chav language there, I know harajuku and chav don't mix)

I'll upload pictures tonight


13 Feb 2009

Friday the Thirteenth.

It annoys me how people have bad luck all year around but they Genuinly think that more bad stuff happens to them on this date.

No it doesnt! Gahhh!

People just think about it more because it's a specific date! -_-

So annoying.

Me: Can I borrow a pen?
Person: Aww man your day is unlucky already, you don't have a pen.
Me: Not really, I never have a pen.
Person: Okay let me test if this one works *scribbles on page* Aww man super unlucky! It doesn't work.
Me: Umm, whatever I will just borrow a pen from someone else.

Seriosly the only unlucky things about this day is the fact it was mufty and the really fat wannabe goths of my school try and dress as cool as possible - making them wretch worthy.

9 Feb 2009

Go Blink 182!

I'm well exited XDxd

I hope they play in England

7 Feb 2009

Really weird ass dream...

I can't remember half of it,

but what I do rmember was that Kaze No Ashi (A parkour freerunning group based around where I live) were vampires, and I was turned into a vampire. When I was a vampire I started doing alsorts of crazy things on these rails. Then Kaze No Ashi were like "he is a newborn, they only think about blood, he must have turned at least five people already!" (oh btw this was all in pure sunlight) and this guy called Frodo (actual nickname of real person) squirted lemon juice at me, and it burned because it was grown in the sun (wtf) then I ran away and it was like a game - I selected a person and I could decide wether to chat with them or whatever, I decided to chat with him before killing him. 

The selecting what to do system is a lot like Space Colony, a game I have on the computer, so I minimize the screen to make sure I de-installed the game first, which I had, so I carried on playing this weird tracuer vampire game. Then we ended up in a weird place that was like a mixture of Dubai and Toronto.

That's about all I remember..

Ooh ooh I also remember doing some funky stuff on scafolding...

6 Feb 2009


I went to bus stations and the police station to find my video camera, but it is nowhere D:


Why did she run away?
She always said she wanted to go to Alaska, she must be in Alaska!!
I told her I couldn't afford it, but now I regret it. 
Darling? If you are reading this, please come back home, we miss you very much - and we can go to Alaska together :)

In other, and more human news, the YOUTUBE COLLABORATION channel I am in will start on MONDAY the NINTH of FEBRUARY.

Oh and if you are reading this, please follow, :) 

5 Feb 2009

Arty Blog time.

You see, I think I am going to post most of my art work on here, as well as information from me.

I have information, I have information indeed - about things like losing my camera.

But the main thing is, that recently it has snowed...*PHOTOGRAPHY TIME*

2 Feb 2009

Photography & Snow.

I hate it.
Not the art.
The lesson.

But that's ok because I have realised I can fail in Photography, Music and Math if I do well in English and science. XD

But I looooove photography - the art not the lesson.

Vampiricana's Youtube


People That Read Scribbles.