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18 Jul 2009

weird dream thing

Okay okay, my photo every day thing failed. Big whoop.

Basically.. I haven't written a blog in a while and I had a weird dream last night. There was like a gathering type thing held on a field near my school (except it wasn't my school - it was some scientific research centre) and there were lots of people there. I talked to internet friends such as Pirki (who is from Finland) and Blair and Emma from FiveCameraAngles. I asked where Haley and Matt were, they said Haley was busy and they hadn't heard from Matt in ages (it's a sign Matt, make more 5CA videos)

But then everyone who goes to my school had to do this test thing in the school/science lab and everyone else had to watch. I can't remember much bu there was something to do with a toilet. Then we were told to get changed into our prom outfit to get ready for prom (even though my school's prom was ages ago and I didn't go)

Then for some reason we were in big overall suits and we were going to be sent into an experiment to try and keep it running like it is meant to be. There was a forrest with elks and tortoises ... but they were eating eachother because there was a beasty evil thing that ate everything and polluted these (talking) animals minds so they had to eat meat. Then the evil beasty thing turned out to be a giant verson of the child thing in Torchwood. Then Pirki came in and saved us.

The main part of the dream was talking to all of my online friends but I can't remember what we talked about.

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